Tuesdays 7:30AM
Wednesdays 5:00PM
Thursdays 7:30AM
Saturdays 10:30AM

High energy nonstop in your face action!
Troy’s creative combination of props, cardio and thundering music will have you experience the benefits and success of this 30-minute abdominal workout session. No matter what your individual fitness level, this class will emphasize strength, proper form and body alignment. The focus is abs and the results are abs!


Mondays 6:30pm

30min Intermediate Step Class. This is a quick, 30min Basic Step Class. Although this class has evolved with many levels of participants the focus is geared towards Basic Step. You'll get the benefits of Cardio, Endurance, Strength, Coordination with the aspiration of progressing into other levels or more advanced step classes. If you?re looking for a basic step class that is a step above intro then this class is great for you. If you're an experienced step athlete this class is great way to warm up!


Saturdays 9:30AM

Troy is gonna give it to you like he knows you like it, HARD and FAST! In this pure energy step class you will experience the maximum benefits of a cardio workout, along with over the top choreography that will have you moving like you never thought you could. Troy takes you back -- back to his roots with the fiery sounds of Polynesian tribal beats, screaming divas and those latin rhythms. You got issues? Take your problems to the floor where you’ll be jump-n and bump-n and holler-n for more. Troy is gonna let you have it.


Mondays 7:00PM

A quick 30-minute workout with complete emphasis on the butt. Incorporating leg weights and various butt and leg strengthening movements you will definitely benefit with strength and tone in redefining your ass-ets. By focusing on tightening up any loose ends with a BOOTY CALL your rewards will be nothing less than amazing.


Wednesdays 5:30PM

This class is designed to strengthen and sculpt your body with a cardio flair. Using fitness equipment, weights and the concept of high reps. The major focal point is on strength and endurance training. You’ll not only hear incredible sounds that are ruled by a savage beat, which will keep your body moving, but you’ll come face to face with the challenge of taking your body to a whole other level. REPS is gonna give it to you like you never had it before!

GOLD'S GYM 1001 Brannan St. @ 9th/Division
San Francisco, CA 94103. 415.552.4653
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